Sunday, January 1, 2012

Holiday Visit with Jeff and Mary

We arrived on the 26th and Jeff and Mary made us a delicious apple pie.  Here, Jeff cooks the apples.
This finished pie had the flakiest crust we have ever eaten.  Good work, chefs!
The next day Chuck visited Dr. Zollinger to have an injection in his right knee.  Jeff, he says it is feeling much better.  Good work!
Mary is having a birthday on Tuesday.  Doesn't she look fashionable and fabulous!
To celebrate, we went to Stockman's for a steak dinner and a special birthday dessert.
A closeup of the dessert.  Yes, we finished it all, and wished we could have licked the plate!
We all anxiously awaited the end of the pictures, so we could start eating.  Yummy!
Towards the end of our drive home, the sky was filled with these amazing cloud formations.
This perfect sunset was the end of our perfect vacation with all our kids, their husbands and wives, our grandkids, and our great grandkids.  We are so blessed.


Beth said...

WoW! It's all about the food. Beautiful sky pictures

Rachel said... fun! rexburg has the greatest sunsets. i'm jealous!


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